Offer of collaboration with Vetworld international social network

Vetworld group of companies (Worldvet, Digital Marketing (Russia) and Qwerty Networks (Montenegro)) are owners of an unique international specialized social network - Vetworld - which will unite pet owners, veterinarians, clubs as well as the companies related to pets, suppliers and manufacturers of pet supplies, feeding stuff and veterinary wares in next to no time.

A social network, putting the pet owners in touch with the suppliers of goods and services in this sphere, is an extremely promising area of expanding of your representation in the Internet and out creative team suggests your participating in our project and developing your business.

It is quite easy to ground the project promotability: There is still no deserving media in the Internet, created not only for interaction of the pet owners but also for comfortable banding pet lovers together with the companies the interests and profit of which are related to animals.

This is such a moment when the specialized network, created by us, is in-demand like never before. Our carefully thought-out project is capable of prompt capturing of millions of users and bringing decent income to its establishers and professional participants.

At present the pool of sponsors (not more than 5) is being formed as well as the Primary sponsor of the project is being chosen.

The following co-operating options are available:

1. Primary sponsor of the project (not more than 1 sponsor)

The company which is the first to sign the Agreement on cooperation as a Primary sponsor will be chosen as the Primary sponsor of the project. The site header as well as the back-ground elements will contain the elements of the Primary sponsor’s style (logotype and other images). During the whole period of cooperation we will use the specially agreed corporate design of Vetworld containing the elements of the Primary sponsor’s brand mark and information.

All the informational memos, sent to all the project participants, will contain the information on the Primary sponsor. Moreover, every network user will be receiving separate memos containing the information on the Primary sponsor, its goods and promotional actions.

The cost of participation in the Vetworld social network as the Primary sponsor depends on the collaboration period:

• 3 months - USD $ 30,000;
• 6 months - USD $ 50,000;
• 1 year - USD $ 90,000.

2. Project sponsor (not more than 5)

The Project sponsor’s logotype and an active hyperlink to its website will be contained in a special unit Our sponsors on every page of the Vetworld social network. Moreover, every network user will receive separate memos containing the information on all the current sponsors, their goods and promotional actions.

The cost of participation in the Vetworld social network as a sponsor depends on the collaboration period:

• 3 months - USD $ 5,000;
• 6 months - USD $ 9,000;
• 1 year - USD $ 15,000.

Prospects for Vetworld specialized social network

Vetworld social network is an international project supporting 6 languages of world. The prospective media is the place where the people will contact to communicate and solve any issues related to various faunal forms starting from creepers and up to dogs, cats and horses. All the users of our social network are the would-be purchasers of your goods:

pet owners;
veterinary hospitals and individual veterinarians;
pet stores;
fanciers and clubs;
dog handlers and trainers;
People and companies related in any way to animals.

Our project is carefully thought-out and our social network will have splendid up-to-date functionality and customised set of tools in next to no time. Our team consists of truly competent persons, that is why Vetworld is very likely to become a prominent and popular media in the Internet.

It is beneficial for you to be an active participant in Vetworld specialized social network because:

1. We offer a promising web-product, which is in high-demand of millions of pet owners and representatives of the business areas rendering the pet caring services.

2. We offer to the sponsors’ attention not just a start-up business plan which is standard for attraction, but we are already working at actual launch of Vetworld social network. And it shows the seriousness of our approach.

3. While creating Vetworld we applied the state-of-the-art technologies of social networks development allowing not just creating a pleasing product for the customer, but making it mainstream and let it win the tremendous quantity of users within the shortest possible time.

4. Vetworld social network will become an enormous advertising space of your goods.

5. Realising our project we are not just targeted at gaining profit; we see the extensive social significance of the project as well.

Your investments will be used for a noble calling and will be beneficial for your company, while our joint efforts will do good to everybody who engaged themselves with animals.

Yours faithfully, Maxim Novichkov, CEO of Qwerty Networks, Development Director of Worldvet (Limited Liability Company)

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